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Birthdate:Jun 25
Location:United States of America
Name: Magnos of Rel Astra. Yeah, that's my name. So what?
Class: Wizard, currently attending the Conclave at Silverymoon
Alignment: I prefer women, if that's what you're asking.


Ohhhh! That. Yeah. I'm good. Goodish. Just ask my female friends.
Patron Deity: Azuth, but I don't really attend services as much as I should
Race: Who, man?
Age: 19, but I've been told I'm very mature for my age.
Height:5'10" nearly 6 feet
Weight: Look, you only have to complain about it if you're going to carry me out of the pub. And if that's the case, just reach inside my cloak, right side--my right side, that is--and grab the scroll for Tenser's floating disc. That way you won't have to complain about dragging me halfway across Silverymoon in the middle of the night and then running into your staid Aunt Lilith and trying to explain that you weren't completely inebriated but merely performing official Conclave research at the behest of Alustriel. Which, I might add, she completely did not believe, but that's entirely because you kept on trying to shut me up in the midst of my far more plausible explanation. And while you're reaching around my cloak, make sure you have the right scroll. And don't touch any of the wands.
Hair: black like shining vengeance
Eyes: dark and flashing like shining...uh...revenge
Skin: still on me, the way I like it

Look, can I go now? I'm supposed to meet up with some friends and their young, freshly-arrived-from-the High-Forest cousin at the pub. And look me up if you need to buy some scrolls on the sly.

Interests (102):

accumulation of knowledge, accumulation of wealth, alustriel, amélie, andy richter, anthony hecht, archmage, azuth, babylon revisited, begging to differ, bridge to terabithia, buddy glass, c.s. lewis, california, calvin and hobbes, catch-22, catcher in the rye, characters named marlowe, chuck palahniuk, comely barmaids, counting crows, creative writing, dana gioia, dashiell hammett, diablo 2, east of eden, easy answers, ecclesiastes, edna st. vincent millay, f. scott fitzgerald, fatburger, fight club, for esmé, fox mulder, frank miller, franny and zooey, full throttle, ghost world, gold pieces, grim fandango, grosse pointe blank, hamlet, holden caulfield, hot elven women, hot halfling women, hot human women, hot women, j.d. salinger, j.k. rowling, james clavell, jesus christ, junk food, junot diaz, king rat, lonely farmgirls, long phone calls, lorrie moore, magic, making fun of you, malcolm x, maltese falcon, mini cooper, mst3k, oakland a's, peter marlowe, philip marlowe, platinum pieces, priestesses of lathander, priestesses of sune, procrastinating, pub trawling, pvp online, raymond chandler, rob neyer, sam spade, self-inflicted denial, sergeant x, seymour glass, sharing of knowledge, short stories, shrill rhetoric, silverymoon, simpsons, sleep, some hot gnomish women, spinning words, terry gilliam, the apostle paul, the boondocks, the conclave, the crocodile hunter, the dark knight returns, the filthy critic, the onion, the sun also rises, trainspotting, tyler durden, ucla, understatement, used bookstores, women, writing
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