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Which sets some kind of record for me. This one's Sabrina's fault, as she sent me some application connecting it to Facebook, which is Claudia's fault. Plus, the damn Facebook import forced me to pull in the last 3 stories, so there's the shame of having 2 year old blog entries there that I must extirpate. Sheer amount of linkage in that one sentence there is exhausting.

That, plus the lingering bronchitis, which I picked up last week and then helpfully transmitted to Sabrina, who may never forgive me, as she suffered from it from last November to something like January. So to get it twice in one season is, understandably, frustrating for her, and it is only her love for me that probably keeps her from axing me in my sleep. That or the laws against such things.

Been playing Rock Band at Randy's, and the stupidity of it not coming with two guitars aside, it's an addictive ride. Could definitely use a fourth, musician-wise, once we get that extra guitar, though. In the meantime, I've been trying out the drums, which are a heck of a lot of fun, aside from the amount of strain they place on the pedal leg. Have yet to find a comfortable sitting position from which I can stomp out mad beats repeatedly for hours at a time. Might be asking for too much there.

The place is still coming together, although we've managed to bring all our books--with a few exceptions (looking at you, massage therapy textbooks and gigantic Calvin and Hobbes hardcover collected edition)--into a bookshelf housing situation. Definitely feels good to have those back in the open again. We're hoping to grab a couple tall cd shelves from IKEA this week, which should eliminate the pile of boxes doubling as a footboard by our bed. Footboard is a word, right? I figure if headboard is...

Still getting used to the fantastic weather, which I'm learning to studiously avoid reference to when in conversation with my co-workers back in IL. Gloating not being in good form and all. Although apparently Chicago had a fantastic day, weather-wise, yesterday. The standards for that being temperatures out of the freezing and no snow. The Californian in me is full of pity for those forlorn souls; the Illinoisianese-person side of me reminds me to not take the weather here for granted. Have got to find time to get the tires filled on our bikes, reckless-bike-smashing-cops-in-the-area aside.

Oh, and Rob, Sabrina's going to call you. She's been meaning to, but see above re: bronchitis. So talking to her right now is kind of like listening to those recordings that supposedly feature the dead trying to talk to you: a bunch of static, with tiny little wheezing voices. Only with more coughing in between. Stupid dead people.

Date: 2008-03-12 07:31 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Actually yesterday was quite lovely, imo, not simply "not cold, therefore good." I needed a sweater, and a little something around my neck would not have been unwarranted, but it was sunny and only about ten degrees below my happy range. In fact, just five degrees more would have been ideal. I lovelovelove t-shirt and sweater weather.

Have to admit...

Date: 2008-03-12 07:41 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
the springs in IL are lovely, and the falls. The only pity being that both windows seem so fleeting. The downside to all the sun here is that by June, the grass on the hills have withered to a uniformly dull brown that coats them until the rainy season begins again, sometime in winter.


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