Mar. 17th, 2004

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Just had the opportunity to chat with an online friend for the first time in, oh, say, a year or so. And when I apologize for not having been online at all, she replied, "But that's a good thing." Which I suppose is a backhanded way of saying I was kind of a pain in the ass on Instant Messenger way back when, and that I'm much healthier now for being consumed by affairs in the non-pixelated world. I agreed then, taking it for granted that there was wisdom here.

But I don't, now. Mind you, I'm mildly biased from having come off a really bad day yesterday and chatting about its aftermath today with another longtime online friend today. But I feel a renewed sense of self after that, just this sense of reacquaintanceship that's at least as internal as it is external, because I can remember the enforced pauses of 'net chatting, and the opportunity to think just before typing that one doesn't get when one speaks. It was like meeting myself from two years ago and realizing that I liked a lot of myself from back then (which is quite a change from when I envisioned meeting myself from the ages of say, 12-22). That callow punk. And at least in moderation then, this notion of sharing a bit of oneself online seems quite healthy.

But of course, my online friends from yore are free to disagree.


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