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Past two days have been hectic, especially for the wife, who's been juggling school, mandatory clinic (work experience related to school), and a new job, to boot. The job seems cool and very low-maintenance, aside from their asking her to come in on the 4th to work. Commies.

The upcoming vacation’s coming close enough that I’m starting to get excited about it. Our social calendar is unusually packed for the upcoming weeks, considering how homebody I am. Taste of Chicago this weekend, mother-in-law’s wedding next weekend, vacation starting the very next day. Ben olds/Rufus Wainwright concert a couple weeks after we get back, Chicago Comic Con early August. Compare this to my excursions on a typical week: buy groceries.

All this fun makes Dan a tired boy. And sometime in the midst of this, we’d like to visit a Cubs game, as well as the ambiance of the minor leagues at a Kane County Cougars game (though prices for the former are hideously expensive…another reason to miss the Bay Area, craigslist shows great A’s seats available for $25/each. That would probably cover transportation to Wrigley. Maybe.)

Speaking of the wife, she just called to ask if she should pick up the latest of OMAC Project and Runaways from Chicago Comix. I should go all hyperlink on that sentence, but I won’t. Although Runaways has featured some nice, sharp writing so far. We have gone most unapologetically nerd since marriage. Which makes me the object of envy from male nerds from time to time, if nerd-prestige is your cup of tea.
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