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Yes, the delays seem endless on this end, too.

Today, I sent an e-mail to an old college acquaintance which began like this:

I just turned 31 and I still haven’t mastered the art of small talk. So I’ll just get to the point.

Been shrugging off the writing urge lately, burying myself in videogames. Although, it’s an enticing burial; can’t seem to get enough of that City of Heroes goodness. And with my birthday, I just received two more video games.

Heaven help me.

Work is pleasantly non-engaging. Not the hair-pulling boredom from my temp assignments, and the most humane, decent bosses and corporate policies this side of the Atlantic. Not counting Google, anyway.

Even the galling pain of this country’s macho politics and arrogance seem muted lately. Of course, it could be because of exchanges like this:

Me: Honey, check out this New Yorker article on a Christian college which serves as a finishing school for future GOP staffers and politicians. Two-thirds of its students come from homeschooled, evangelical households that have spared them the sinful environment of our public schools…

The Protective Wife: (with outstretched hand) Hand it over.

M: But you read worse articles all the time! What about that one where Karl Rove was signing over Yellowstone to the Fourth Circle of Hell?

TPW: But I’m used to it. I’ve built up my resistance to reading this shit. You’ll just get depressed and angry and then the whole afternoon will be ruined.

M: Don’t tell me it doesn’t bug you, because I’ve seen what it does to you.

TPW: Give it.

M: (gives it).

TPW: (starts reading aforementioned article about God’s School for Young Republicans)

M: Hey! You’re not allowed to read that either.

TPW: (sticks her tongue out at me).

Remember, denial is not just a river in Egypt.
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